Alaris 8000

Elite provides replacement parts for the Alaris 8000. Parts now available for the Alaris 8000 General Purpose Infusion System include the display board, latch kit, rear case assembly, door handle, and keypad assembly.

About the Alaris 8000 PCU:

The Alaris 8000 Point of Care Unit (PCU) is a high-tech medical device that is used to deliver fluids, medications, and other treatments directly to patients. This advanced infusion pump supports patients by delivering the right amount of medication at the right time, with fast and accurate dosing options.

Features of the Alaris 8000 include adjustable flow rates, compatibility with various modules for customized functionality, and a user-friendly interface for easy operation and control. Whether you need to rapidly infuse fluids or set up an IV drip for longer-term treatment, the Alaris 8000 can help ensure that patients get the care they need quickly and effectively.

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