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6 Steps to Vet the Quality Standards of Third-Party Medical Device Manufacturers

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High-quality equipment is essential to deliver effective care, manage risk, and boost ROI.

Many healthcare facilities rely on third-party partners for replacement parts and repairs to OEM equipment because they provide an array of benefits, including greater availability and affordability.

But the reality is that not all third-party partners meet OEM quality standards because they are not required to. In fact, using parts from manufacturers who lack a robust Quality Management System (QMS) can increase risk for hospitals because medical devices may not be built to perform at optimal levels in the long run. This impacts patient safety and care. It also eats away at bottom lines.

That’s why it's imperative for procurement leaders to fully access the QMS of potential third-manufacturing partners before they commit to any kind of contract. But where do you start?

Download our tipsheet to view 6 steps you can take to vet and evaluate the quality management of potential partners.

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