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5 Key Considerations for Buying a New Telemetry System

Vital sign ekg monitor, EKG monitor of patient in hospital. Telemetry system.

If you’re looking to buy a new telemetry system then you might be wondering about the cost of telemetry equipment, as well as other key considerations, such as scalability and interoperability, that could influence the long-term return of your investment.

Market research suggests that the global hospital telemetry market is growing at an annual rate of 11.3% and is expected to reach over a billion dollars by 2026. With this reality in mind, it’s clear that hospital and health system finance leaders must earmark an increasing amount of budget to the attainment and maintenance of critical telemetry equipment, especially as the pandemic continues in addition to rising rates of chronic and acute diseases amongst the American population.

Download our informative checklist to learn more about the 5 key considerations one must navigate when purchasing a new telemetry system.

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