Elite Biomedical Solutions Launches Custom Technical Training for BMETs


Elite Biomedical Solutions has officially launched a formal technical training program for Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs). Responding to client requests for high-quality technician training options, Elite developed a flexible, customizable in-house training program for client’s with staff BMETs.

The inaugural training session took place in December 2021 at Elite’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. The first client sent ten early-career BMETs to attend the five-day training session. The coursework focused on the BD Carefusion Medley series and other infusion and telemetry devices.

Exit surveys from the first round showed an overwhelmingly positive response. Participants expressed appreciation for the comfortable, welcoming environment, personable instructors, troubleshooting tips, and the opportunity for hands-on practice, including disassembly, assembly, and PM protocols. Elite will continue to add trainings tailored to specific clients to the calendar on an ongoing basis.

The case for professional BMET training programs

BMETs perform essential repairs, device calibration, preventive maintenance (PM), testing, and troubleshooting to ensure that mission-critical equipment functions optimally. Their skills and knowledge are invaluable to any healthcare organization, directly impacting regulatory compliance, clinical outcomes, and patient safety.

Older BMETs draw on years of hands-on experience to service devices quickly and effectively. But many senior-level techs are now retiring, leaving newer BMETs without on-the-job mentoring. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the U.S. will add 3,900 new BMET positions by 2030. Yet the country is currently facing a significant shortage of qualified BMETs.

Elite's skilled repair professionals share expertise with newer BMETs

Elite's training services can help Biomedical engineering departments fill in the experience gap between early-career BMETs and those nearing retirement. Elite's level 2 and 3 technicians conduct all classroom instruction and hands-on practice sessions. The coursework lets newer Biomed techs learn and practice solving real-world problems while receiving expert guidance.

"Our techs are working on repairs every day. They're familiar with the problems typically encountered with the device, the common failures. They are also the ones presenting the class," said Amy Ward, Director of Customer Support Services. "So not only do you get the book version, but you also get the ‘personal experience’ version of what it's like working with this device."

An exceptional training facility

To accommodate such a broad range of training options across a variety of hospital telemetry and infusion pump devices requested by clients, Elite set up a dedicated training facility. Presentations occur in a conference area, and then the attendees move to a hands-on training lab equipped with dedicated training devices.

"We decided to develop an in-house program because we need access to such a large amount of equipment, not only for the trainer but also for all attendees," Ward explained. "In addition to the devices, we have telemetry testing carts, simulators, gauges, everything they would have in the hospital."

Who should consider Elite's technical training services?

Elite works with hospitals, health systems, ISOs, maintenance partners, and other employers of early-career Biomed techs. The flexible training curriculum is always tailored to meet the client's individual needs.

The process begins with a survey for potential attendees. This includes questions about the specific devices they encounter in their organization, to identify which devices they're most familiar with, and the equipment for which they’d most benefit from additional training. Based on the results, Elite's training coordinators develop a proposal for a customized course, broken down into classes that target a specific device or device series.

Examples of individual classes include:

  • BD Carefusion 8015 & 8100
  • BD Carefusion 8110, 8120, 8300
  • Hospira/Abbot Plum A+ & 360
  • GE Apex Pro FH & CH
  • Phillips MX40, 4841, Intellivue X2

Individual classes take between ½-2 ½ days to complete.

How are Elite's BMET trainings structured?

The training structure depends on the coursework selected for the specific client. All training modules are taught by Elite's level 2-3 Biomedical equipment technicians.

Most classes cover the following:

  • General device introduction and history
  • Basic principles of operation
  • Troubleshooting with the user manual
  • Repair basics
  • PM instruction and tips
  • Electrical safety test instruction

Every class includes a corresponding hands-on lab at Elite's dedicated training facility.

Are any other topics covered?

Depending on the needs of the client, trainings may include a communication skills segment. For example, current trainings have targeted equipment-related conversations with non-technical stakeholders such as clinicians or department heads. Upon request, trainings can include additional segments addressing other specified topics.

Most trainings feature a social networking event. This gives attendees extra time to get to know one another, meet the instructors, and ask them questions.

Upon completion of trainings, the attendees receive a certificate that qualifies for continuing education credits with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). In addition, ongoing tech support remains available to attendees after each training. “You come into our facility for training, and then you leave with contact information–emails, phone numbers,” Ward said. “If you have a problem with this device in the future, you can call the same people who trained you to get a quick answer or to talk about any issues you’re experiencing.”

Elite Biomedical Solutions provides outstanding biomedical equipment repairs and manufactures OEM+ quality parts for telemetry systems and infusion pumps. Contact us for more information about Elite’s customized BMET courses or to schedule a consultation with our training coordinators.

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